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ba fang
As you read this post, please open up the link to Neocha and listen to a song by the Fuck'ndrolls.

The Fuck'ndrolls were a short lived but legendary three piece fronted by singer Ba Fang (pictured). Also in the band were guitarist T-bluse and drummer Tim Anderson, who plays for The Mortal Fools. The reason I bring this up is because me and the wife were chatting to Ba Fang and Lu Chen at the Subs gig. Having disappeared for a while, Ba Fang will return with a new band that will also feature Lu Chen. More info as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, as Yuyintang gets all organised we see the start of a regular New Faces Underground night on Wednesdays. This is an interesting turn of events. The regular 0093 shows were basically just that. Then the YYT schedule filled up with established bands and 0093 got squeezed out a bit. Now the schedule has been organised but the prolific 0093 have already opened their own performance space and held shows at Live Bar too. 

A quick glance at the 0093 Douban group (Chinese language only) shows several O3 Space shows on the way. 0093 will return to Yuyintang with 0093 Rock Party 11 on the 12th of June. The line up features: Blunt, Bloody Mary, 大新鲜乐团 (Da Fresh), My Chilly Hurt, Conterspell and 8MG. 

8MG are currently the subject of a ridiculous personal vendetta gossip thread that is racking up the comments. It's called 8mg are the most ignorant band I've met. While we're on the subject there was an even funnier naive post attempting to denounce scenester/indie folk artist Fanqie Chaodan for wanting to have ... sex ... with a girl. The horror! Unfortunately, the poster was completely unaware that everyone knows each other and that all the commenters are taking the piss. 

Finally, it's a holiday on Thursday, Dragon Boat Festival. See you all at Yuyintang for the Mushrooms/Sonnet gig. 

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i had a Fuck'ndrolls t-shirt once (home made). Not sure what i've done with it yet now though. Should be an interesting gig though.

YYT are really gearing up at the moment. New website, regular messages on Douban/Facebook, the whole VIP registration form thing. Maybe they should save up some of their money and open a YYT2 somewhere...

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