China Music Radar: More Pepsi BoB BS

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First of all, in my last post on this I linked the Shanghaiist article and, in my emotional state, forgot about CMR's post on the same thing. Here it is.

Now. China Music Radar bring us another personal story from the fiasco. This time it's the turn of Helen Feng. Here's the full post.

And here's a taster: 

Apart from the in your face branding that made us dizzy, we were also shocked by their serious lack of taste. In the back were a few skinny models in hot pants and a halter-tops also adorned with said logo stretched tight against none existent boobs selling the soda at the bar. Even the people working there had to have said logo painted on their face.

Having never done a battle of the bands before, said soda company had forgotten that unlike other talent contests, bands don't usually come with a back-up tape in hand so had allocated no time for stage changes. In between the bands, the MC (namely me) was suppose to interview the lead singer. This was a bit ridiculous as the lead singer was usually down on the floor plugging in equipment. When I expressed this to the sponsor, the responded by saying "well just tell them to hurry up."

Still with one minute allocated for stage changes, even the speediest of musicians could not get their equipment plugged in on-time. The head of said Soda company came charging backstage screaming at the staff saying things like "tell these kids if they don't get their equipment plugged in less then three minutes they will have points deducted from their total score."
I agree with what Helen goes on to say ... It's rock for f*ck's sake! Pepsi Co. is the antitheses of rock culture. First comes the music, the audience, art for the sake of expression and opening the mind, creating your own lifestyle. Second come some uncaring arses who want to profit off selling sugar water to young 'consumers'. None of this should have been a surprise. 

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that sounds like a total f**k up. Good coverage of the happenings Andy.

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