F-visa ghetto updates and Sim City map

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In case you thought that the 'f-visa ghetto' was the creation of my own imagination, we have another addition to the area. My point in writing about, and living in, this district is that it contains major venues and facilities for the music scene and is also affordable if you want to enjoy it properly and slack. 

So, Fanfare is finally up to it's potential. It's a bar/rehearsal space/music shop/hang out combo that totally rocks. It's on Fahuazhen Road between Xianghuaqiao and Dingxi, next door to Bonbon pet store. It has a cool, slacker feel to it and you can go there just to hang out on their couches or to play some drums or guitar or whatever. It's really quite good now and it's cheap. The rehearsal rooms are small and the place is more like a hang out than anything. But go there to have a look. 

Finally - have you seen this site? An interactive sim city style map of Shanghai. Now you can check the Ghetto out like never before. Check out this screen shot.


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Not just Shanghai,

also Beijing! ;)

Funny, the place I live (near Xijiao Hotel) is just a big white spot...

if you look behind Xujiahui along Kangping Lu you'll see four blocks of green with no buildings in the middle there.

I cycle there every day, it's government buildings. They have left them out for official reasons.

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