Muscle Snog, bits and pieces

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school party
Before we get into the The Mushrooms and their theme party antics again, lets go to the music:

Muscle Snog are Shanghai's premier experimental rock act, along with Booji, and they have put two amazing high quality tracks up at their Douban page, Think and Shit and Fuzz Rabbit.

Next up. I was non-plussed by the Silk Stockings Party put on at the end of March by The Mushrooms and Banana Monkey. I usually associate ladies nights with sad clubs, but as a certain someone said, never bet against the discount. This time it's a school uniform night. Are they pushing it this time? We'll have to wait and see. People went for it last time, even if it does amount to offering girls cash bonuses for pandering to male sexual desires. 

Finally. Dan Shapiro has put up a blog at CW talking a bit about SOMA Live and their upcoming shows at the Dream Factory. I don't want to go there again but those not familiar with the story can link through Dan's excellent post.

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