Subs vs Bonk @ Yuyintang

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Wednesday night and most people have seen both these bands at the Midi Festival over the weekend. But, it's the Subs so I expected some kind of a turn out. 

The Subs have been over to northern Europe for festivals a couple of times now and they sometimes bring a band back with them ... enter Bonk. By the way, do go to those two links. Both bands are amazing. If you're new to the Subs listen to 'The Man' and 'Down' immediately.

This would turn out to be a good night but the organization was trying their best to scupper it. It's a mid-week, work night, show and people have festival fatigue ... and at doors open the soundcheck was still 30 minutes away from finishing. Also, a third band, The Snot Rockets, was added to a bill where the two main bands were both playing full sets. In short, The Subs didn't go on until midnight.

It's always worth waiting for the Subs though. Kang Mao is still a true force of personality on the stage. Despite the room being half full and spacious, the majority of people had broken out into a mosh or dance by the second track. She ripped into her usual performance, wearing one of her recently adopted jester style hats. She is obviously aware of the amateur paparazzi issue, and her own image, because tonight she paused between one song, gave a quick glance at certain people and announced that if you were here to see her body then you were going to be disappointed.

The Subs played a lot of new material tonight, half the set, and the real highlight was the final track. They closed with their new track Red Hair ... well, I always thought it was Red Heart, but it's featured on the Vice TV short they did and is titled Red Hair. Someone step in and correct me as it's not recorded yet. The track was amazing, a perfect combination of raw catchy punk and slightly more subtle arrangements - exactly what the Subs are all about. It was a real treat for those who lasted out till the early hours on this mid-week night.

Update: There is a demo available of Red Hair, it's here. Cheers to 20th Century Boy.

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Cool thanks

I've got all three CDs and seen them 6 or more times but they played some songs last night that I'd never heard. I'd heard red hair before but not as good as that. I'll have to listen and check it;s the same track for sure.

Two videos from the gig - here and here. Please help me identify the songs!

Two videos from the gig - here and here.
Please help me identify the songs!

The first link is 'Down' (video 2)and the second one (called video 1)is a newer track that I don't have, sorry.


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