The Mushroom's school party @ Yuyintang

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Following on from March's silk stockings party, The Mushrooms organised another discount ladies night type of thing - a school uniform party. 

I was really sceptical but it turned out to be the usual rock/YYT crowd just having a good laugh. Nothing like a bad night at Zapata's at all. And make no mistake ... despite Sonnet being on the bill and the theme - this was a Mushrooms gig first and foremost.

So to get all the curiosity out of the way here is a link to the full gallery on Douban, the first half is the costume shots and the second half the gig action.

New bands Weedlaw and Lock opened and the punters were streaming in all the time. I met Lezi from Sonnet, who posted the reply to the Soma thread on the blog ... nice guy. Little Punk showed briefly, kicked me and Matt Yeh in the shins, stole Matt's beer, then disappeared again. Good luck on the Changsha show if you made it, LP. 

By the time Sonnet came on the place was packed. After a slow start with a muddy sound, the post-pop outfit really got it together and the last three tracks was the best I've seen them perform. The crowd loved singer Zhu Baixi and he even threw a couple of Zongzi (food) into the crowd for Dragon Boat Festival. But, and no disrespect to Sonnet, I was there to rock out to The Mushrooms, my favourite Shanghai band and a long term feature of the blog. It happily went nuts and Pupu rocked out with his usual high energy performance. A night of madness was capped at the end when Pupu himself surfed the crowd and then dropped in to join the dancing and jumping. What can I say, great night, fun crowd, packed room with crowd action. 

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Hey Andy

I skipped out on this show cause I was meeting friends but after meeting Jake at C's later that night and seeing these photos I am really regretting it.


Mushroom in concert at the Dream Factory on May 9th - here and here.


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