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Yuyintang have finally gotten round to revamping their site.

It now appears in a visual calendar format that fits onto one page/your screen. Calendar boxes will display thumbnails of the flyers for shows on those nights. It's still in progress though, so be gentle. You will note that this blog has a featured link there. Just to be clear, I have no business arrangement or deal with YYT, I just go there a lot. We are all just music lovers.

Also, over at Douban, a couple of locals rumbled the English blogosphere and posted links to China Music Radar and my blog regarding the Pepsi contest. Of course, it's a bit silly cos the poster is unaware that me, CMR and the people reported on in the posts all know each other. But you can see one of my posts translated there. There are also some quite complimentary comments, but have to be honest again, those are friends and people I met IRL

Finally. With Sun Lu now up at Live Bar we are seeing an active Facebook group spring up and more info coming out there. Expect more quality shows too. 

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YYT added me to their facebook group too (or twitter- it all blends into one these days) so someone out there is definitely getting into their online marketing!

What does it mean when they call you a 模子 mold/mould? over at douban?

It's Shanghainese and it's complimentary in that context.

"EvilMAO" (mao mao), who started that off, knows me and is a friend. He's the guitarist from the Shanghai metal band Fearless.

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