Douban: Brain Failure

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brain failure cover
Regular readers will probably notice the drop out in posting lately. There's many reasons, but fear not ... i'm doing my best :(

Here's some good news for fans of Rancid style punk and ska. If you click into Beijing scene band Brain Failure's Douban page they have six quality tracks there now. And they all rock.

Also, if you click on the albums under the MP3 player, you'll see a lot of those are availble to listen to online.

For overseas (not in China) readers, you might be pleasantly surprised to find their excellent stuff on Amazon, including a joint CD with Boston's Big D and the Kid's Table.

Ah, memories. In front of me ... a picture's worth a thousand words and i've got three, wait a minute, err ... fucking Big D! Thanks Trisha, wherever you are (Boston) for sending me their demo back in college and changing my life. 

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Three clips - Brain Failure at Shanghai Dream Factory, May 9th, 2009:
"Come Back Home"
"Living in the City"
Unknown (to me)
BTW I did not see you at YYT last Saturday - when Joyside played. Rogue Transmission was awesome too!

Pretty nice post. I just found your blog and wanted to say
that I've really liked reading your blog posts. Any way
I'll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

Hey Lacy

Thanks for the support. I've done this for a year, averaging over a post every other day and was getting a bit burnt out ... also work got busy and my server was down for maintenance this month.

The funny thing is, in this past year, my 'slowest' month was 15 posts - a post every other day. And I'm on target for that this month. So it' s never been slow really.

For other online coverage of the scene in English you can also follow the links to Dan's City Weekend blog The Beat and check out Jake Newby at

Big D and Kids Table. Man, just discovered them through Doped Up Dollies, which is my new favorite tune

Kisses from Blighty

Hey Archie, hope you're getting some rest.

Back in uni ('97) my friend in the USA sent me some demo tapes of newish bands and included some of their tracks. The reference is to "In front of me"

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