Pepsi comp blog ... oh dear.

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So, there is an English blog at the site for the Pepsi contest. And for some reason it has decided to accuse me of jumping on a bandwagon.

It is written by an anonymous writer and extensively quotes Abe Deyo, who is apparently a stage manager on the show now. The writer may or may not be either Jay or X from the about page, I suppose.

No quotes from Abe or the mystery blogger about a certain incident that is missing from the blog ... but not missing from CMR here.

So here's the quote that links my post:

So a couple of "prominent scene figures" organized a boycott, and a lot of bands dropped out and started talking smack online. A few English language bloggers chimed in, jumping on the indie integrity bandwagon and charging that Pepsi doesn't respect rock.
The link was originally on 'chimed in' to the post I linked at the top here. What can I say ... jumping on a bandwagon. People who know me and who follow the blogging world a bit more closely know that I posted my thoughts on the thing right at the beginning before anyone else who would later get involved.

It's the first comment, the one where I say fuck you Pepsi co. What the bands who joined or not had to say later is their own thing. Jumping on a bandwagon implies changing my mind to be 'in' with a certain group. It is simply not the case, I have thought and stated that the show is balls right from the start and have consistently followed through with that sentiment.

So check your facts before linking me along with a baseless insult and add your real name. As Abe implies in his quotes, the show is what it is and it's always been clear to see. So the blogger there needn't attack my integrity while writing for a Pepsi sponsored pop show's blog. And what's more, if the upshot of this is that people who work directly for Pepsi read this post then might I add that you market junk food to kids ... how do you fucking sleep at night, assholes?

Can I add ... WTF ... this whole thing had been put to bed. The mini controversy was all over, no one was posting about it any more and the show was going on doing its thing. Why bring this up now? Is it one of those marketing ploys or something?
This is the comment I have posted at the Pepsi blog, it is awaiting moderation so i'll put it here as a record.

The principal organizers of the boycott were Yuyintang's Zhang Haisheng and The Mushroom's Pupu.
The bloggers who were 'jumping on the bandwagon' (a baseless cheap shot as all of us held the same unchanged view the entire time, before and after) were Elaine Chow (Shanghaiist) and Archie Hamilton (Splitworks, China Music Radar) - who broke the story - and me and Jake Newby, who followed up with updates. 
In short, and including all the other people involved, we are talking about a group of people with strong independent voices and proven track records in the indie scene and in writing/promtoion. Where as you are simply the voice of a new generation mate. Anyway, you got your wish ...a comment on the blog! 
Here's my full reply

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