The Mushrooms at it again

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mushrooms party three flyer
There are all kinds of good shows coming up this month at Yuyintang and we even have Guaili coming down from Beijing. But something else is catching my eye and not for the reason you may think.

Singer Pupu of The Mushrooms decided to take matters into his own hands a couple of months ago and do promotions to get people into his shows. It started of as a bit of an ironic laugh but was an immediate success. I was sceptical but the highlight of the shows turned out not to be the whole ladies night/dress up idea (thankfully) ... it was the bands.

What happened was that The Mushrooms, who are excellent live performers, got a full house to play to and it all kicked off like it should every time they play. 

Scroll through this gallery to see how nuts the show was.

They shouldn't need to keep on with the promotions thing, in theory. It should be enough now that we have a band who can put on a show like the fabled gigs by better Beijing bands. Anyway, I'm blogging this because this will be the gig for action this month ..and by that I mean of the crowd surfing type. Also, there are five bands on the bill this time which will suit the late arriving crowd as The Mushrooms will be on later than usual.

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Sorry,I have nothing of any real value to add, I just wanted to say in response to the forthcoming Mushroom event: 牛!

牛B, Jake, 牛B!...:)

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