Mushrooms farewell gig?

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I mentioned last post that this could be the last Mushrooms gig in Shanghai for a while. What better time to check out the new Mao venue and see why The Mushrooms are such a big deal to local fans?

This is not a promo - this is my favourite Shanghai band to see live. Blog fans and YYT regulars all know this - spot the Andy ... and the Jake if you're good.


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In the douban link for Mushroom you provided there is also info about the YYT gig with Mushroom as special guest; I tried to visit YYT's website - and could not access it. Any idea what's happened to the website?

who is the person next to pupu and why is there a mario mushroom over his face?

The bass player. I've no idea why they put a Mushroom right over his face :) I'll have to drop a note to them on Douban.

YLK, I had no problem with YYT's site.

Are you remembering to use the current ".org" address and not the old ".com"???

I was checking the .org website without success ("你未被授权查看该页 - you are not authoprized to visit this page") but have no problems now. Strange.

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