What's up in Hipster Paradise?

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by Wee Ling
So what's up?

Just thought I'd shoot out a post to see who still has me in their RSS by accident.

This is Andy reporting from the hipster paradise/ F-visa Ghetto. Talking of which, we have now added Dada Bar to Xingfu Lu, creating a little strip of music bars run by people who have a clue about music. Good job, Michael O-zone. We are also adding Mao Shanghai live house this weekend. Some more key local musicians have moved in, like Levi from Mortal Fools, Yuki from Dragon Pizza and Bafang of Zhi Wang. Also, Brad Ferguson now has the makings of a custom guitar workshop in the basement where Ju-Ju studio is. 

We also had Cotton's Bar put a second location in on Xinhua Road, right opposite the lane where I live now ... well, you can't win them all.

So, talking of Mao Live House. I went there on Sunday with Jake for a kind of press tour thing. You can read all about that at Jake's blog on this site - right here. There are some photos too. 

This weekend just gone signalled the return of the gig season after a quiet late summer. The gig was Bigger Bang at Yuyintang and you can read a write up here

You can also check out all their songs here at Douban.

Here's a random link for movie lovers: get a hold of Crank 2: High Voltage and watch it using the AV Club's MP3 fan commentry track by Zodiac Motherf*cker. Now that's funny. Although it's probably another case of a parody of extreme violent/sexist/racist movies just ending up being violent/sexist and racist. But as ZMF says on the track ... where else can you see shit like this? Indeed. Ownage.

Finally, the original blog on Kungfuology.com was a vidcast about Kung Fu. It got sunk by the Olymp*c visa crisis and then the financial crash that sent me and my partner in web stuff into a tailspin. But, I have time again now, and I still have the equipment too. So if anyone wants to make some vids about underground music, biking, kung fu or anything else cool ... I have the gear and it's all free. Get in touch. 

And leave a comment on this post, you don;t have to register and it'll cheer me up. Laters!

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Hey Andy,

Good to see you're back to blogging, it is always better to have two great music bloggers than one.

Cheers - YLK

It's not a return to blogging.

But thanks for the comment and the compliment.

We'll have to meet outside of loud gigs soon, I have some kung fu stuff to talk to you about.

I must agree one post now and then does not really count as regular blogging...
Re meeting - I should have more time after Oct 1st hollidays (hunting for a new apartment right now and hopefully moving out of this sh#thole soon).

Hoping that Mao Live house is good- Dada isn't really my thing so far, too loud to be a bar, too many seats to be a club. I'm sure I'm in the minority though.

Anyway good to see you on my google reader feeder again!

This blog is much better than that new bloke writing about Shanghai music on this site

F Lounge is, suitably, in the F Visa Ghetto too now

Do you 2 guys have a quota for using that picture or something?

:) It's a Wee-Ling.

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