Around the blogosphere: October 2009

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Tim Anderson
Via China Music Radar I see that the Beijing scene still crops up in the U.S. mags from time to time. This time it's The Propagandist The Economist. The article appears at their Intelligent Life blog and it's because of a new photo book featuring D22 called Sound Kapital.

It's done with the usual tone/perspective but it's defo worth a read. The page name is even nary zither nor lute. Please.

Over at City Weekend, Dan Shapiro keeps his focus up with two posts. First he reviews Cui Jian at the JZ Festival and then he provides us with a preview of the week ahead.

He also mentions the sad news of the week. I saw Tim today, and yeah, he's amicably parting ways with Mortal Fools. So, there's a badass picture of him to go with this post. Tim helped me out a lot with the first Expendable demos (drums) and he's an all round ruling guy. You'll still be able to catch him with Resist! Resist! in the future.

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