Bands back on at Harley's?

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No sooner had I put up this Harley's Bar old pic and blabbed about it in my nostalgia post, I came across a flyer online advertising a new rock night with a band there.

Blimey, it must be going on three years since there were any significant gigs on there.

So, the flyer comes courtesy of Smart Shanghai here so Morgan Short must be the man with the lowdown on the show. He's on his hols now though so I won't bother him. Unless he wants to come on the comments that is. Ahem. 

From the site:

New indie rock night, Sticks and Stones, kicks off at Harley's Bar. 00's rock and a performance by new band, The Rainbow Danger Club.
Well, it seems that it's new and not (yet) part of the scene, so to speak. But hey, all are welcome of course and Harley's is a cool little venue to see bands at. Is it still under the same ownership though? Perhaps the Sticks and Stones organisers will soon find out first hand why there have been no shows there for quite some time.

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here's the myspace of the band playing: neat-o. think they might share a member with that old shanghai band, the living thin. i could be wrong about that tho...

and heres the myspace of the guy djing:

other than that i gots nothin... although i remain, as they say, "cautiously optimistic".

well I'm going anyway- but this time I'm not drinking any of that snake baijiu they keep behind the bar.

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