Ghost Bikes: James Langergaard

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James Ghost Bike
I blogged recently about someone I knew who was killed on his bike in New York City. Revisit the post and watch his funny, thought-provoking video on bicycle philosophy.

He has a special memorial this week by other cyclists involving a Ghost Bike installation at the site where he died. 

The photo shows the spot where he was killed, but the bike will now be chained to an adjacent fence. If you look carefully at the top right corner you'll see that in addition to the oncoming split six lanes, there are more for traffic going the other way. Right through a residential area. 

While were on the subject, some of my younger students were telling me that Shanghai has the worst traffic in the world. They are mistaken of course. Elsewhere on Streetsblog is a great post about a rush hour 'race' in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The bicycle won coming in at 22 minutes, where a car came in at over an hour, also losing out to the walker. But the amazing thing is the hook of the post. The bike beat the helicopter. That included starting at the same point of course, so the helicopter guy had to go to the heliport and get clearance etc. 

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