It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

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Update: Over at the CMR a reliable commenter has said that: 

This would not be a government directive - it was specifically requested by Modern Sky of the organizers of the International Noise Conspiracy shows that the band not play any other shows...

Having first brought us the line up for the Modern Sky Festival this year ... and having expressed astonishment that it would go ahead despite the China 60th anniversary national day celebrations ...

... takes breath ...

... China Music Radar now bring us the news that the festival has been told that no foreign acts can play. This done in the usual way, extreme last minute and with no source or law quoted. 

However, I will match your news, CMR, and raise you a no foreign bands will play anywhere.

That's right, Yuyintang got the call today (30th) putting the kibosh on The International Noise Conspiracy gig. In a group message issued over Douban today, YYT say the show will go on featuring the local acts only at a reduced ticket rate. They keep it guarded but mention it affects all the band's shows including Chengdu and Modern Sky, and say to check the Modern Sky group to see the reason.

I'm sorry, but I won't reproduce the original Chinese message here in case of attracting aggro. If anyone doubts my sources or wants to see the original message, please contact me by e-mail.

Just a thought. A certain elephant in a certain room will run for over three months.

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if i could post images i'd post a smiley with it's jaw dropping, much like this one:

Sad, really sad...

Just FYI, Boojii have been added to the bill for YYT tonight.

Thanks all.

I'll see ya there, I guess.

Hi Andy

Thanks for the update. That realy sucks. I wasn't able to go anyway - I'm in LeShan Sichuan province for a wedding - but if I was in town I definitely would be there.

Damn, how could the International Noise Conspiracy be deemed anti-Socialist?


Was talking to YYT peeps last night and the word is that one or more of the 14 acts at Modern Sky had previously participated in a Free T***** benefit.

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