Reminders and bamboo guitars

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Update: Brad documented the whole bamboo guitar project on his site Sinolectro

So, yeah, now me and Jake have a podcast. It's me and him talking a bit but people seem to find it bearable and we even play you a Chinese indie song at the end.

So, don't forget, Jake's blog is good and it's the main one.

Go there now to hear the pod and see what's going on:

Now that's Brad Ferguson pictured with the logo for the Control show a while back, which I mentioned in the podcast. So, we're currently doing a bit of work together on the upcoming Expendable release. Today, I finally popped over to see Brad's workshop.

Brad custom builds both guitars and guitar equipment from scratch. Today I got to have a look at a prototype bamboo Telecaster and play through his Tonerider analogue effects. Brad is currently working with some prominent scene figures to develop some new custom effects pedals. I can't say too much as it's all in development now but it features genuine stars of the scene and some great ideas. So, if you're looking for a unique custom sound for your band, you'll know where to go.

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Ok, will bookmark Jake's blog.

Bamboo guitars! friggin brilliant. Does he have a website? Would love to see some pics and hear what kind of tone they produce.

Hopfrog, there are pictures and videos of the bamboo telecaster on my site: The videos are on youtube, though, so if you're in China you'll need a proxy...

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