The History of The Subs

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Wu Hao and Kang Mao
Whilst talking to YLK in the comments at Jake's blog I made this comment and realised afterwards what an impact the band has had on me.

Their live shows have been pretty much the highlights of my eight years in Shanghai and though I was a bit distant at first, way back when in Harley's, I have grown to love this band. 

So, checking in at their Douban group I noticed that they have a kind of potted history of the band. It's a kind of convention to list up all your gigs in the description box of your Douban group, but they add in CD release dates and some other stuff too. It starts thus:


Feb 2002 The band formed in Beijing.
In May the current bassist joined and there was a stable line up.

Click into the post to see the full list. Chinese only for now. Maybe people could translate their highlights in the comments? Can we see the early Harley's gig there, where I bought Subs Life?
*2003年02月,首次登台,于北京原著名摇滚乐俱乐部CD CAFE演出。 
*2004年04月,录制首张EP,由瑞典制作人Mats Hammmarstrom后期处理。 
*2004年10月,参加"竖起耳朵 BONK VS SUBS"活动,与挪威著名乐队BONK巡回北京-上海演出。 
*2004年10月,发表首张EP《SUBS LIFE》,收入4首歌曲和1个现场视频。 
*2005年08月,赴北欧巡演,途径挪威、瑞典、芬兰演出10场,其中包括芬兰Espoo Cine电影节。 
*2006年01月,赴马来西亚参加STREET ROAR音乐节,是参加此亚洲音乐节的唯一中国大陆乐队。 
*2007年07月,参加由湖南广电局举办的崔健 银沙滩汽车音乐节。 
*2008年10月,赴挪威国际电影节参加纪录片《ROCK HEART BEIJING》的首映式。这是导演KAREN历时4年拍摄的一部关于SUBS的纪录片。并做小型巡演。 
*2009年02月,MAO LIVE-HOUSE最佳乐队奖,最佳表演奖,最佳摇滚精神奖。 
*2009年10月,参加厦门 海峡摇滚音乐节。

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It seemed like you and YLK had reached a common ground in the comments on my post so I didn't want to stir it up again, but I have to say Subs are one of my favourite bands - especially live. They have consistently been one of the best live acts I've seen and I don't think I've ever seen them give anything less than an amazing show. They don't know how to do lacklustre.

The history is great, but unfortunately it's hard to pick out specific gigs. *2005年05月,首次中国巡演,于17个城市演出,历时28天 - their first national tour could have been the time you saw them at Harley's? Life had come out in October of the year before so it's possible.

Every time I've seen them they've been amazing, but I reckon one of my favourite performances was when they opened Windows Live and Kang Mao, in a see-through black netting "dress" and bright pink underwear told the people on the balcony up top and the people stood near the back of the crowd to get in the mosh at the front or go fuck themselves.

I mailed YLK off-blog to make sure that it was all passionately stating our own cases and not taken as attacks, so it's good. Also YLK is an intelligent and considerate guy 'in real life' so there's nothing to worry about.

Yeah, the list is not that specific, it would be way too long for the Douban page if it included every single gig.

I think the show must have been in that tour. If we read this post here and check the comments, the Shuffle show was 2006. I took my friend Richard to that gig promising that it would be good as I'd seen the band before and bought Subs Life.

I saw them at 4Live a long while back, 2007 I suppose. Then at the opening of Windows Tembo:

and finally at the Dream Factory. They were great every time.

What's on this weekend anyway? Is there some kind of calendar for the Shanghai live music scene?

Most people use Douban for all their info and 90% of high profile gigs make e-events there with flyers. has a calendar format on their front page.

Now we have the following places that put on bands, and I mean like indie bands or original music as opposed to blues, jazz or other house band type stuff, not that there's anything wrong with that. There's some overlap between these two groups and some I haven't mentioned.

Smaller bar type: Logo, Anar, Sus2, 021, Harleys

Venue type: Dream Factory, Yuyintang, Live Bar, Live Bar downtown (696 weihai), Mao Livehouse

This weekend ... Friday has two shows: Culture Clash at Yuyintang with Boys Climbing Ropes as the main band (no Hard Queen now) and then a ska punk night at Mao, headlined by the excellent Misandao from Beijing.

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