Youtube Tudou: Second live @ Mao Shanghai

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A little while back I reported on the Rock Shanghai anniversary party at the newly opened Mao Livehouse Shanghai. This show was organised by 0093 rehearsal studios and was basically a re-run of their regular showcase nights at Yuyintang.

Now, before you watch this video we need to add some context. Well, firstly the quality is not good and it seems to have been done on a phone. But ...

Imagine you are back in your home town. Imagine that a local bar or hall is letting completely amateur unsigned bands play that night. The band is made up of mainly younger students and they've barely been playing together six months and part-time. They are playing their first original material. What would that be like? Well, on the Shanghai scene it's like this. This is Second (重结晶乐队) with their song 《如果可以 》 If I Could. 

Hint: They were good and the venue is great. 

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i have to say they sound like J-rock. Hi, buddy, can you recommend some potential, good and active shanghai bands to me?


This is a test post, as discussed with Andy.

Been looking for a blog like yours! Just happened to click your name over at WoAi's site.

You hinted that they would be better than expected and even with the hint I was surprised. I thought they were damn good. The bass player was fantastic. Was funny hearing the crowd get worked up over the 'solo' about 3/4 through. 6 months and they sound better than most radio bands in the states nowadays.

China seems like the happening place to be right now, and I don't think the burgeoning music scene has even been much of that conversation, but it should. Some amazing things are happening right now and I am so glad to see bands like this actually making music instead of emulating crappy U.S. bands. It sounded poppy, but it also sounded original, and I dug it. The music scene in the U.S. has devolved into screaming, non-stop sampling, and lyrics without poetry or meaning. Do real music fans even watch MTV anymore? They don't here.

Anyways, glad I found your site.

Hi Hopfrog

Yeah, I have a lot of articles on this one but I was winding down a bit.

The lead blog is now Jake's: here

You can find our podcast there too.

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