Youtube Vimeo: Bigger Bang @ Yuyintang

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Back in the heady days of September 21st 2009, Jake reviewed the kick ass Bigger Bang show at Yuyintang. Here is the review.

Well Shanghai Soundbites (Tim Franco) have put together a video montage of the show including live action, sound check and incidental. It seems to be set to the CD version of the track and not a live recording. But anyway, it shows some good live footage of a full YYT show and people who know what me, Jake and friends look like can spot us in the jumping section.

So yeah, there has never been clearer vid footage of a decent YYT show. Here it is:

the bigger bang ! 大棒 ! / in shanghai from Tim Franco on Vimeo.

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Oh that's funny ... at the end there is a part, confusing cos each part is from a different song at the show, where we have a close up of Jake's well-drunk big head bangs on the front railing.

That was the last track. We we're so knackered by then. And who is that prick in the cap behind him. :)

Ha, that brings back memories. A good night indeed. Jake, you certainly were in a 'good mood' that evening!

Thanks to Tim, great clip! I can see a lot of familiar faces - and good it's impossible to spot me...;)

Ha ..who are you trying to fool :)

This video is dominated by Yaleike cameos :)

There you are in the bottom from 0.40 ..nodding away

There's your close ups, sneaking into the bottom of the frame, at 1.43 and 1.58

But of course, if someone doesn't know what you look like, then you can't be spotted. ha.

I was just kidding - to cover my embarassement...
I was trying really hard to blend in...:)))

I was also trying hard to blend in... what? oh.

Hmm, yeah, I think that night had started at Kai Bar. In the afternoon. Take nothing away from The Bigger Bang! though, I may have been a little merry, but they had me rocking away in a similar style when I saw them at the InMusic Festival and there I'd only been on a few warm Tsingtaos.

Great video.

Just realised I'm wearing my 我人品很差 t-shirt in the video. How appropriate

Here is the clip with original sound, this time on XP as vimeo has been blocked too:

Bigger Bang! live at Shanghai Yu Yin Tang [1]

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