Avant Garde-off: Torturing Nurse revisited

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pet conspiracyHave you seen the Pet Conspiracy post over at Jake's blog yet? Go there now. And watch the video - they're in town on Friday night at Mao - watch the video

So, Pet Conspiracy started out as an art project and this kind of thing (pictured) is fairly normal in other arts scenes around the world. But in case you were getting all excited about the potential provocateur action hitting the shores of China - let's have a look back to a show in Live Bar last year.

Before we kick things off - it all started with a chat with Ben Hogue out back of Yuyintang, then went on to his blog and ended up on my blog here.

Feel free to catch up in your own time.

noishanghai 20
So, here's the simple explanation. Shanghai's avant garde scene has it's bar set by noise artists Torturing Nurse. A little over a year ago, with pictured artist Jia Die soon on her way off to study in Sweden, they threw on a special performance with Beijing noise-ist Yan Jun called torturing Torturing Nurse.

You can guess what happened ... or can you. This is ultra conservative China after all. 

Here's the video - Youtube only - find a way, it's mind blowing.

It's in that gallery that you'll find these and more. In your face, everybody who is not Torturing Nurse. And did I mention, watch that video and go to the show on Friday - Pet Conspiracy are going to be awesome.

that show one
that show two
that show three
that show four

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