Photos: Fearless live @ Mao Shanghai

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So, well, errr .... I wasn't at this show. I wasn't at the Sunday Yuyintang show either. I'm sure this has happened to other people. Saturday, got back from work late at 9, felt very tired and fell asleep early - only to then wake up at 2 am feeling wide awake. Next, I thought "at least I can catch the Sunday gig". Of course, having been awake since 2 AM I got home from work on Sunday at 6.30 PM and promptly fell asleep for the entire night again. Weak.

So, anyway, here are some photos of Fearless playing Mao on the Hell United metal night. They come from here.

fearless mao mao

fearless at mao live

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Hey Andy

Don't feel bad. Same thing happened to me on Friday and Saturday.

Friday: Go to a friend's engagement party. Bail on Roni Size cause I'd just rather not go.

Saturday: Plan to go see Clive Chin, but my house was just too comfortable to be bothered to go. Thirty minutes after I decided to stay home. I fall asleep.


It happens, but I was really up for Sunday at YYT, see some brand new bands and meet the 0093 guys to organise a CD fix.

HAHA,listen to you two. making excuses and being petty with each other. :D
I stayed in aswell! Just cuz it's cold and rainy and I am a damn softy!

Okay I admit it, I'm a bit of a softy too. It's winter and even though I'm Canadian and playing in the cold is supposed to be my natural habitat or something, I know that cold weather is going to make my attendance at shows drop off. That being said I am hoping to hit up the Roots and Shoots gig on Saturday as well as the RESO gig on Sunday. Will definitely be at Mono@Mao next Friday as well (already got my tickets).


Hey Andy, have you seen Fearless before? What's your opinion of them? I saw them at YYT a couple of months back and I thought they were pretty good, shame the crowd didn't appear to be too into it.

Would definitely go see them again if the Livehouse atmosphere is better, I do like a bit of melodic death.

PS: JohnG, Roni Size was gewwwwd!

Yeah, ages ago I went to this afternoon metal show in a school holiday organised by the student crowd and met everyone in person. Since then I've seen fearless three times. I grew up on metal and Fearless are ace.

That show in YYT you mention, I was there. The only time people went for it was during their cover of the Trooper, which was superb.

Mao Mao, the singer/songwriter, is a great guy to boot. He works for the XiEr guitar shop in Jiangwan town.

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