Revisit Hang On The Box with Douban

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Not so long ago I posted a bit about Beijing experimental rock outfit Ourself Beside Me. This ended up with me seeing them up close at Yuyintang, a great show.

Guitarist Yang Fan was originally in a very famous Beijing scene band called Hang On The Box. I have never seen them, they are no longer together, and have not had the chance to get into their music either. Until now.

Surfing into their Douban page I found that they have a selection of classic tracks there from across their career and all available for download too.

So go there now and check them out. Right here.

They formed the band when they were all just 15, by the way. Rock In China wiki has all the details. Read all about it.

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Thanks for the post Andy. I have most of Hang on the Box's CDs but hadn't listened to them for a while (big fan of Ourselves Beside Me as well as White too). Your post made me go and download Yellow Banana (which is available on and check out Gia's (HOB's former lead singer) Girl Kill Girl project ( on Douban.


Like JohnG, I hadn't listened to my HotB CDs in ages, this made me dig them out again - thanks Andy.

Gia does her own stuff in addition to Girl Kill Girl (who also have a teenager in their ranks) and just released a solo album on Modern Sky. You can check out some tracks here.

Girl Kill Girl is now on hiatus.

As an aside, the majority of GKG songs are Gia-penned songs originally intended for HOTB.

Watching GKG live always seemed like a continuation of latter-era HOTB with extended jam sessions, vocal tics and experimental noise.

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