Duck Fight Goose demos available

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Duck Fight Goose are the newest act from the Shanghai based Miniless collective. Jake calls them the Miniless Supergroup.

They share three members with Boojii and they are fronted by Miniless founder and Lava | Ox | Sea frontman Han Han. On their page the members are listed as Duck, Goose, Panda and Dragon.

Lately the band have been putting on a steady stream of shows and are already getting a good reputation. Their music is experimental but anchored by tight rhythms and  prog rock riffing.

So. Now up at their page are three demos. Although, they are basically rehearsal tapes but it will give you a chance to check out their style and hopefully whet your appetite for the next show. Don't forget: The universe will be saved by animals!!! 动物拯救世界!! 

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