Sonnet and friends live @ Yuyintang

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sorry pinkberry
Tonight gig was called 谁没有一个SORRY的昨天 which translates on the flyer to We all have a SORRY yesterday

The flyer features Edison Chen and some references to his scandal. Have a look.

So, yeah, better get this out of the way. You see "Sorry" the English word used in a Chinese sentence is a new slang word, apparently hot in Beijing now meaning some wild thing you did. It is also the name of Sonnet's new song which they debuted on the night - getting all this?

So, line up:


Apart from newcomers Venus this gig features all the bands signed to Lezi's new label. So let Jake tell you about that here

First on 21 Grams. Smooth and passive instrumental tracks that start quiet and layered, build to a crescendo and then come slowly down again. Textbook post-rock and if you like that sort of thing, you'd have loved their performance tonight. After that came Venus. Venus are an all girl band with attitude, joining Second and Black Luna. They came on all in matching styles, all black, tight and with a tinge of dominatrix. They are brand new but the crowd warmed up to them by the end. Despite the look and the guitar riff based songs, they were very pop. However, with the thought and effort they are putting in to being a band I'm sure they are going to do well down the line.

Next up was Pinkberry, the first band with a kind of air of expectation around them. I love the band and have followed them closely on the blog. But since changing their bassist and drummer they have not got the mojo back. Toni's Gibson Les Paul and ripping power chords should be bouncing you around the hall, but he was barely audible tonight. With a better sound live and with band members that live up to Xiao You's performance, they will be back strong. 

Joker are traditional blues and they stayed true to the tradition of asking the audience to stand through ten minute long jams that don't appear to go anywhere. And then Sonnet. Sonnet are a big band on the scene, the flagship band of Lezi's label and of this show. And this was a show after a smallish break to debut a new song. But it all felt very indifferent. Sonnet at their best are a punchy modern indie-pop band with tight dance beats and wit to match their slicing guitar chops. But the whole show tonight was on the quiet side (as in the actual volume of the PA).

Nothing to be SORRY about tomorrow.

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I really don't get the Pinkberry appeal. Aside from all their alleged misdeeds, they just come off as flat and boring. Plus, their singer's stage presence is... dubious.

In their first year, they worked really hard. They played loads of shows, wrote and developed 10 songs. Toni the guitarist gives his all and Xiao You has real potential.

Then they lost the bassist and drummer and had to take a break. The current replacements are basically stand ins who also play in three other bands.

I think last night the sound and show was generally a bit flat for all the bands. Now they are on Lezi's label it'll be interesting to see how the album sounds. Xiao You does have a good voice. Listen to the Xiao Bu Dian demo on their page.

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