Tookoo and Bigger Bang coming back to Shanghai

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Two of the best bands I have seen at Yuyintang are coming back for a joint show in January (9th) that should not be missed.

They are TooKoo and Bigger Bang. The gig is officially a TooKoo tour with Bigger Bang, who they share a member with, in support.

Here's the review of the TooKoo show from September 2008. And here's Jake's review of the more recent Bigger Bang show from September 2009.

TooKoo have recently uploaded some more songs to their Douban page which already has a good selection. Check it out here, Take Me Home is their hit. 

You can listen to Bigger Bang right here. Cry For Young and Down!Down!Down! are the anthems and all are available for free DL.

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Looking forward to seeing Bigger Bang again. Tookoo sound pretty decent although.

Ooh, the day before I come back from holiday. Damn!

Great news, looking forward to seeing both bands!

I have TooKoo's 7 years 'best of' CD from their last gig here, they are good. But I think Bigger Bang are a more up tempo live act.

It'll be a good gig for sure.

Yeah should be a cracker. I think I'll stay off the bai jiu this time though, just to ensure there's no violent head banging at the front of the stage

Jake, you should definitively treat yourself with decent amount of 白酒 then, I'm sure Bigger Bang is expecting your support and head banging...:)
I saw Tookoo earlier this year at YYT - they were supporting some british and US bands (forgot the names). Liked them a lot, though when it comes to show they are no match to Pupi.

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