Double Control Where, Second live @ Yuyintang

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Saturday night at Yuyintang and back to the old ways: an 0093 showcase.

You might have wondered what happened to these. 0093 shows used to be monthly, clearly identified and great. Well now they are officially Rock Shanghai (the website) shows and a bit more erratic.

The night promised a loaded line up of unpredictable quality, just like the good old days but was transformed by a strange turn of events. You see, last night's good jive show went on past one and YYT got some heat from some bus using local fans. So tonight they pared down the show and ran a strict 9-11. So, when I ambled in at about 9.45 I arrived just in time for a top quality show by:


I posted a lot on DCW lately and how I was loving their two excellent demos at the page, the same one I linked on their name there. They had their best live sound yet and the thrashy parts really kicked in. Singer 'naka' was in the screamo zone and their standout tracks Say Goodbye and Some Just Want Everything really stood out. They really tore it up tonight and it's a pity it wasn't sardine-can full, it would have been carnage. This had to be just one show away from their first big mosh pit.

Second opened with a J-rock cover and sounded a bit limp at first. But, they really picked up during their original material. By the end of the set they were also sounding as good as they've ever sounded and the audience really enjoyed the closing track. Their set was really anchored by the bass-drum pairing of Sei and Xiao-Zhu. They were solid and bassist Xiao Zhu has real swagger these days. Unfortunately they are about to lose their guitarist Eleven to sexism marriage. 

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