Playful Warrior night @ Yuyintang

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There was some big show or other on at Dream Factory tonight, but it was of no consequence to metal and hardcore fans as Yuyintang hosted the battle of the -cores.

Loudspeaker hardcore
Chaos Mind metalcore
Six Shot deathcore

Newcomers Lala Ying supported.

Of these five bands, Lalaying and FAF are the younger newcomers and the other three are well established bands who thoroughly embody their style. 

Good turn out and plenty of true fans ready for some heavy music. Lalaying got a good reception but are new and need a bit of development. They broke up their thrashy set with a sweet ballad and only the bass player looked really badass in her spiked neck collar.

FAF were the first to get the crowd moving with a longer than usual set. Ding Ding intro'd their Story of the Year cover version as their favourite track which was odd as their opening two original songs Escape and Parasite were the clear winners. The crowd had a good time, but they were waiting for the real hardcore. 

Six Shot had the perfect slot. At this point the room was as full as it was going to get and they were they first experienced band on. They have improved a lot since I last saw them and have pared down their sound into relentless grinding. This was as violent a mosh pit as I've ever seen at YYT. Full of mad windmills, straight out punching and non stop action. The most impressive sight was the girls giving as good as the guys and never shirking from the pit centre. The band were badass and the front man even growled/gurgled the brief banter between tracks. It was metal heaven and such a great show.

Then we passed 11 p.m. and a bunch of people disappeared. A pity as Loudspeaker and Chaos Mind are equally as good as Six Shot. Loudspeaker used to be a skate punk band but then they changed their sound into hardcore. They continued right where Six Shot left off.

I was wondering on the pod about bands in Shanghai who are developed and can play full sets. I shouldn't discount the metal scene. The three headlining tonight acts tonight all had unique sounds with a modern edge to them and sh*t can they rock the room. Hell United just keep getting stronger.

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> Then we passed 11 p.m. and a bunch of people disappeared

Ahh, the Shanghai subway.

Metal rules!!! It's good to see the Shanghai crew back to live and kickin' ass... Shanghai, the haven of true core???

I have a video of Six Shot to upload later.

Also at Mao there was a show with Break for Borneo and The Lions of Puxi. I heard it was a good turnout.

So Yuyintang, Live Bar, Dream Factory and Mao all ran shows and all had good turn outs. That's cool.

Lala Ying was all about the emo-nurse on bass ;)

ah-hem! the violent phlegms were also on the bill at mao live house! :) yes, i was also happy to know that shanghai supported several well attended shows on friday night. high five, everybody.

Hi Adam

Sorry, forgot about that yeah. Although I don't really write about cover projects in general, except in passing.

How'd it go?

it was an excellent night with great performances from all the bands concerned. we (the violent phlegms) were appreciated more than i imagined we would be, and possibly more than we deserved given the covers oriented nature of the band.

ha :)

Thanks for filling us in in the comments. Please do that every time I miss something.

It may sound harsh, but as much as tribute bands are often fun, I wouldn't generally include them in writing about a scene.

What about Dovetail Joints, what are you/they up to?

hey man - no worries about it. i know what we are - the violent phlegms started as a stoned 'what-if' whilst holidaying in laos a few years ago. the dovetails have finished recording/mixing an album. we are finalising packaging and some personnel changes and then we'd like to play some shows again.

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