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new sign at yuyintang
I've been home all day nursing a sore head, more on that later, and just wanted to blog some bits and bobs.

Jake's piece on Candy Shop and the PETA show at Yuyintang came out in Time Out this weekend. We were not going to do any off-Douban promotion until after the show, to stay off the man's radar until it was in the bag. But, we did. So yeah, shameless self-promotion there.

Over the weekend I met some blog readers at the shows, all nice people. And I think some of them didn't know Jake's blog. So. Yeah, there are two blogs. We kind of cover each other.

I'll leave it up to Jake to review the BCR show fully. Although the head, yeah ...

I was so happy to see a good crowd going off for BCR but it was a bit spoiled by some a**holes. Some complete w*nkers were just standing around doing random two handed pushes on people with a run up, but not really dancing or joining in themselves. Others, like the tall guy with beard and beret, were throwing their elbows into bystanders heads. A mosh is a mosh, but people at the fringes could barely dance. At one point said tall guy and some other guy I never saw before just floored poor Super Sophia in what could only be described as an attack. 

No matter what kind of mosh, indie-show jumping or metal windmilling, there is a kind of code where everyone is in it together and knows the limits. Right at the end, I randomly caught that c**t's elbow in my face and then backed into a clash of heads. Ouch. Josh, how's your head?

Finally, we were having a laugh at/with Time Out over lunch today. We're all happy that Time Out ran the music feature and it's definitely the best of the ex-pat mags already. It's just that the editor has called the lifestyle (buying guide) section consume. Steve joked that the fashion section should be called conform and the news obey.

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I saw that guy with the beret. It was a pretty pushy mosh - I was up right against the the control table, and I caught that little bar ledge 3 or 4 times. I get that it's a punk/rock show and I was on the edge of the pit, but it seemed like there were more than a few meatheads in the pit.

BCR was great though.

It was clearly BCRs best show yet. Not just the crowd reaction but their performance.

But guys, as much as Dirty Bots and Pleasure ... made an appearance, I still get the feeling the older stuff isn't rated by the band themselves. In reality, people went nuts for those two tracks.

I've been listen to Life Knife all day today.

Yeah I agree with you about the pit. It was nuts. The French dude with the beret pissed me off but what really got to me was when some Indian jack*ss decided to attempt to run right through me to get into the pit - have a little respect.

Andy agree with you about Life knife I can't get enough of that tune.


Ha ha, I'm fine, thx man. Only my lip's a bit sore from another incident there. It was the best dancing/moshing I've seen at a BCR show. I'm looking forward to the PETA show. Have a good week Andy!

Ha! Consume. Yeah, in fairness I should point out that it's actually a global thing that we, err, conformed to. Not that that excuses it

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