Mushrooms headline New Year (again) and crop up in Shanghai Daily

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The Mushrooms are the most popular home grown rock band in Shanghai. We recently saw them headline at Yuyintang on New Year's Eve, a show that got so packed that there was an inevitable visit from the rozzers

Well, it's time for round two. It's now the lunar new year and The Mushrooms will headline YYT again. Also featuring on the bill are DCW, Momo and Little Nature.

It's on the Friday (12th).

The Mushrooms also cropped up in the Shanghai Daily lately, although in a generic and suspiciously out of date article. Despite it's publishing date being Jan 29th of this year, it talks about one of the guitarists having just joined the band. A year ago now.

I feel weird linking any of those papers. Their writing on the subject of culture is inconsequential. They spend more time committing things to the memory hole than reporting. We can always play a game of guessing why they chose to recycle this now. Slow day at the office? 

Who cares. Go to the show.

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Nuts, the mushrooms article is behind a paywall now. I wonder if Shanghai Daily is profiling all the bands at the show. I saw an article about Momo this Friday (unfortunately it's behind a paywall now too). I wonder if there will be articles on DCW and Little Nature next.


When I looked only the second page was behind a paywall.

That's funny though, Shanghai Daily asking people to pay for their content on music.

Well, they seem to be not interested to make money in India, their website does not exist here... "page loading failure" and I thought the GFW is one-sided.

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