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Dan Shapiro
The holidays are over and it's the new (lunar) year. Things get going again this week.

There's a bunch of non indie-rock stuff going on. I'm not interested in writing about it but you can always find that stuff out at layabozi. So off you go.

Thursday is Forget and Forgive and Candy Shop at Yuyintang for free. We've already written about that quite a bit as, you know, we organised it.

The big gig of the weekend is the next Maybe Mars showcase at Mao Livehouse. You can read all about that in detail here courtesy of Dan Shapiro (pictured). The headliner is Carsick Cars.

Talking of Dan, he has just penned a piece for CNNGo's Shanghai page introducing Han Han of Duck Fight Goose. If you're over at Jake's Blog and/or read things he put's in mags then you might be on DFG/Han Han overload. However, that's not a bad thing. Han Han is great, his music is great and we can't get enough of him.

As an end note, you may well often read the posts like this and be wondering why I've not reported your own blog post/article on local music. The reason will certainly be that I just haven't come across it. So if you're going to shows or doing some writing about the scene. Link it in the comments and our readers can surf on over. Use the a tag in html to create the link.

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