We're on Discovery Channel? Blimey.

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Sammi Sheng PETA
Main Photo: Sammy Sheng of Candy Shop poses for PETA's 81fur.com. Shot by Tim Franco. Studio provided by Splitworks.

Not that long ago I wrote this post and briefly mentioned some photos we shot for a project supporting PETA's China website. I also mentioned that Jake was writing it up for Time Out.

So. It's mainly for Chinese language mags and sites but we are holding off to avoid the wrong type of attention to the show, which hasn't happened yet. Believe me, if we didn't have a strategy of gradual roll-out, I'd have been talking about nothing else on the blog.

Well, the Time Out feature is now public. Also, a friend of mine based in New York, Mickey Z, wanted to write this up and submit it to some editors he writes for. He shot high first and went for broke. It paid off and Discovery Channel have run it on their Planet Green website. Check it out.

They will also send a China based writer to cover the show at Yuyintang later this month. But for now - please tweet/link/repost/write the sh*t out of that link. Like now. Do it. This is Discovery Channel's site reporting on going's on at Yuyintang and linking local bands.

More photos after the jump.
xiao k peta
Xiao K

group PETA

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Great work by everyone involved. Andy, I have a post written up for this. Just wanted to run everything by you for errors. Can you please email me at zack@layabozi.com and I will send it to you?

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