Youtube Tudou: Six Shot @ Yuyintang

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Finally got my Friday footage uploaded. This is from the Playful Warrior show at Yuyintang.

So. Fans of proper heavy music rejoice. OK, the quality is not so good. But, stick with it as it goes through to a second song. I was taken with their new grind sections with slow but punishing beats and a guitar that sounds like it's tuned right down ... right down to hell. 

Sorry. When I get into metal, all writing bets are off and out comes the cheese and cliche. By the way, death to false metal, satan's minions await you.

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Tamen weisha bu neng shuo "cao ni am"... hehe, "ri ni mei"??? also quite good.

Isn't the vocalist the former shouter of Ling Chi? Sounds like good old Shanghai metal, too bad the whole volume of the song is not reflected in the video.

Hey Max

The joke is that the previous band's singer Ding Ding used up all the Cao Ni Ma's.

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