Photos: Local King 3 @ Mao

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The last time I did this someone called me out in the comments. Keep in mind, the debate was always about the behaviour/ethics of photographers in live shows, not photographs themselves. But by all means bring it up in the comments if you have something to say on the subject. I'm all for keeping it alive.

And on to the Local King gig. Caught some snaps up on Douban, here are a couple. As before, note the to the side position and no use of flash.

local king candy shop

local king jordan

local king kk

little punk at mao

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I didn't think it was bad at all at Local King 3 (and yes, I took a lot of shots too - but I was using my small camera - always without flash)

They had someone come through at St. Vincent/BCR at YYT the next night and tell 20% of the photographers (the Chinese ones - meaning me and a few other guys - he did not tell the foreigners, er, non-Chinese) tht we should only take photos during the first 3 St. Vincent songs. But I had a video camera in right in my line of view for the first 5 songs and then someone was bouncing his flash BACKWARDS up at the front left side so every time his camera went off, he was flashing the crowd behind him. I didn't understand that.

Hi Andy,

just wanted to let you know:

its automatic. Everytime you enter the forming date for a Shanghai band as a category tag to the band, the list gets updated..... ;)

See e.g.

Now we need help ! ;)

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