Boojii and DFG going on the road

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Me and Jake are huge fans of Shanghai's experimental rock scene which includes the Shanghai based Miniless collective among others. The genre and people involved in it have produced some of the best albums of recent times here including Muscle Snog's Mind Shop, Boojii's Reserved and our CD of 2009 Lava|Ox|Sea's Next Episode.

Now it's time for far away readers of the blog to rejoice because two of Shanghai's best bands in that genre are hitting the road. Duck Fight Goose and Boojii will tour every other week across the next two months.

Here's the dates:

Thu May 6 - Nanjing, Castle Bar 
Fri May 14 - Beijing, D22 
Sat May 15 - Beijing, Mako 
Fri May 28 - Chengdu, Little Bar 
Sat June 12 - Beijing, Mao 
Sat June 26 - Wuhan, Vox 
Sun June 27 - Changsha, Freedom House

If you want to make the guys feel at home show up at Boojii wearing rabbit masks.

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I guess that there will be no ash cloud to impede the Duck Fight Goose and Boojii band in hitting the street to their tour and concerts. I can’t wait to see them and I will surely wear rabbit mask for them. Thanks for the updates. And I wish the band more success and more music to come – to inspire their fans and supporters.

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