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by Wee Ling
Some Kungfuology site news.

I recently posted some updates and mentioned I was thinking of doing a blog called Indie Everything. Here's what I said:

I'm thinking of adding to Kungfuology with a new blog called Indie Everything where i'll document all projects i'm involved in from blogging to the Pod to music to whatever and just drop all secrecy or whatever and list all the costs or equipment or facilities or methods we use ... or whatever. Then people who read it can have a real and practical stepping off point to do the same themselves. It's sort of our endowment as humans to be aware and express ourselves. The idea that we shouldn't do it if it doesn't lead to financial gain needs to be swept away for a while. Well, forever.
Well it's up and running now,

It's still in it's formative stages but I'm happy with how it's starting off. I have a massive backlog of posts and ideas for it so it's going to come out all random at first, sorry. There will eventually be a disproportionate amount of music and band related posts as that's what I do the most. 

If anyone has ideas or requests for issues covered/discussed in the indie thought posts, do drop me a line or a comment.

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