More Pinkberry: Diego Maradona

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Update: while the song is among their newly recorded material, Lezi from the label tells me it won't be on the EP.

h/t to Terence Lau

Just one post ago I mentioned Pinkberry's upcoming EP release at Yuyintang. Now they have posted the first new original track from the CD at Douban.

Find it here: Maradona

I would love to talk about the big production and catchy hook and all that, it's very professional ... but alas, Pinkberry have found my weak spot: football.

The song opens up with the line "Maradona was a stoner" and goes on to mention stuff like the hand of god and the fact he wore number ten. In fact the chorus is I am number one, but I wear number ten. It even references his time at Napoli. So, basically, I am going to like this song no matter what. They should push it internationally because a song that celebrates Maradona has already won over, like, 70% of the world's population.

Although, you know what this means ...

Now I'm going to have to write a song in reply called Pele. I don't think the lyrics will be as catchy though ...errr ...Pele wasn't a stoner, didn't ever handball or dive, he just played very well and then was kicked to bits by angry defenders. Hmmmnn. Not quite the same.

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You could reference Peles sideline of advertising erectile dysfunction cream.

You could reference Peles sideline of advertising erectile dysfunction cream.

Maradona good, Pele better, George Best?

hey Terence

... ah George Best. Firstly he's associated with Man U and I'm a Liverpool fan from Merseyside. But being objective, he clearly was one of the most talented players ever in the history of the game but went the alcohol route and was from Northern Ireland so never got to go for it in the world cup.

People point to his goals against Benfica as proof that his skill was there against top international opposition but the fact remains that the world's greatest players have to have the genius and also the high profile achievements.

Personally I love players like Best and also Roberto Baggio whose control is so good that once they're away on a break and the defence or keeper is on the back foot, they just go round people at will and walk it into the net. You know what will happen.

Very catchy tune. Definitely need to pick up the new Pinkberry album when it's released. I hope this one will be on it.


"I spent 90% of my money on women, drink and fast cars. The rest I squandered" - George Best

Actually, I'm a Fulham fan.

Surely you have to write something about Messi after last night?

@ T

Fulham? Hodgson is doing a good job there, this season.

@ Jake

I stayed up and watched that live yesterday. He could have had more than four. Whatever finish the situation requires he can just do it without thinking, power, chip back across goal, placing it and even a classic scooped lob.

Wenger was right, he's like a Playstation footy player.

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