Sifting through the closures/incidents

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Good weekend, one which Jake did the writing up of, check it out as always here.

We also have some stories of  cancellations and closures. However they are for very different reasons so we have to be careful.

Firstly, Beijing Mao has been shut down. This was done by the fire department but it's important to keep in mind that the Olympic closures - unambiguously because of the Olympics and for the exact duration of them only - were also mainly done under the pretense of fire regulations. You can read the story here:

Next up, Yuyintang have been ordered to close on Wednesday. This is directly because of an official day of mourning for the earthquake in Qinghai. This happened during the 2008 quake also for three days. 

Finally, Logo Bar here in Shanghai. Logo (confirmed) and also Anar Bar (haven't confirmed with a second source) on Xingfu Lu were visited by the police on Friday and told to cancel live music shows. They were told directly that the reason was because of the Expo.

Logo were forced to take down posters for the planned show on Sunday featuring Cassette, Pinkberry and Stegosaurus? and then all flyers were confiscated too. This was the first Expo related police raid, if you don't count the Top Floor Circus story. The bands kept a low profile then put the show on anyway at a much later time (11.00). I was there.

So, yeah, don't get confused by the unrelated events but we HAVE seen the first police visits to the music scene in relation to the Expo. It begins.

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