Stegosaurus? (剑龙?) CD out now

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Shanghai based band Stegosaurus? have just put out their first indie CD here in the city. I have one.

It's first important to note than when a band here puts out a CD completely off their own back and funding, it's a massive achievement and should be supported. On which note, there is a release party coming up at YYT.

Yes. That's this Saturday and yes, that's Boys Climbing Ropes on the bill too.

The band play straight rock with entertaining lyrics and big concepts. Combined with their great harmonized vocals they are like Bare Naked Ladies but honest and without the smugness. You can hear tracks from the CD at this page. Dance With Me even features Xiao Bai from Bang Bang Tang.

My favorite track, and a good 'un live is Batman. Which reminds me. After the Reflector gig at YYT they were playing this CD loud over the system and it sounded great. So we should probably take time to credit the producer Adam Gaensler. You can contact him through his very geeky music blog Luwan Rock. Good job all round.

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hey andy,
thanks mate. making that cd was a really fun and rewarding way to spend the first two months of this year. see you on saturday.


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