Where I'm off to this weekend (Alpine Decline at 696)

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pinkberry at mao livehouse
One more weekend then hols, hooray! I work weekends you see. 

So, Jake is starting to do more previews at his blog so you should be checking that out. But here is my thing.

On Friday electro superstar Peaches is in town playing Mao. But - I like rock and guitars so I'm going to see the other international act in town that night - L.A.'s Alpine Decline.

The show is at 696 in Hong Kou district and only costs 30 rmb. And they rule. Go to the event page here, even if your Chinese is not up to scratch, and you can see the location via the embedded Google map. Friday night, 9.30. It's just 5 mins walk from the Line 3 station Hongkou Football Stadium, along the same road. Go.

Then on Saturday it's the Pinkberry EP release at Yuyintang. This is essentially a Zhu Lu He Feng event featuring three of the newly formed label's bands. The others are Joker and Sonnet. Indie pop act Man Ban Pai support. This will be a lively busy night with strong local representation.

See you all out there and remember ... agonizing over Friday night? ... disco still sucks!

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According to the douban email I received last night, tonight's Pinkberry show is cancelled and they'll just be there to hand out the CD at 9pm. Unless I'm reading it wrong (which is highly likely - my Chinese reading skills are mainly limited to menus and train station signage and emails from my staff)

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