B-side Lovers post demos

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This is not really Shanghai scene related so to speak but I'm just desperate to get the 400 now. Ha.

One of my favorite China bands is Hedgehog. They rule and are all over the blog. 

A little bit back, one of the founding members Box (Bo Xuan) quit after three albums and much acclaim. The stories were proclaiming the end of Hedgehog despite ads on Douban for a new bassist to continue business as usual. Eventually the bassist arrived and they did, in fact, continue on as usual. 

In the lull a new Douban page appeared for a new band called B-side Lovers. This was featuring hedgehog's Atom and Zo in a back-to-basics stripped-down grunge format, that they kind of started with in the first place.

Since then, as I linked back there, Hedgehog have been playing live and working on their fourth CD. But also, B-side Lovers have gone on too. To wrap up a series of Beijing appearances they now have four demos on their page. 

If you like this kind of thing I might suggest catching upcoming pared-down grungy two piece Pairs, who are next playing Yuyintang a week Saturday here.

Bonus question: I saw pics from the Strawberry festival on Douban that showed ex-Hedgehog bassist Bo Xuan playing guitar for a new band. Anyone know which band that was?

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I think you're talking about The Dancers...

...which is a band also featuring ex-members of Joyside and Casino Demon. They're on the Douban. Get hip, Andy.

and because it confused me at first, its worth pointing out that Pairs is not Pair, the taiwanese indie-pop band that recently toured China's live houses and were quite frankly, awful.

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