Subs back on tour and coming here

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The Subs are my favorite band in China. I love them. That is all. Anything else I write will just be gushing and useless.

You can hear a couple of tracks at their Douban page: right here

But here's the thing, they are widely known as the best live act in China and singer Kang Mao the best rock/punk performer the modern scene has ever produced. So, the date has arrived: 

Friday 11th of June at Mao Livehouse

Note to Mao: this band is legendary, put on a proper bar, don't flash all the lights like a pop show and have someone on the sound desk who is out of school. The norm at Mao gigs is for the audience to be lit up like a football game and then photographed like a fashion show. This is the Subs, please cut all that out, if only for this one show.

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> this band is legendary

Not an exaggeration.

Andy, I am traveling to Shanghai during the last week of May. What are best locations in Shanghai to catch good indie rock?

Here are two shows on near the end of the month:

Shanghai Rock, local younger bands @ Mao Live house (Friday 21st)

Garage rock and indie @ Yuyintang (Saturday 29th)

Hi, am quite shocked that the fellow to the left is wearing a SS hat (the white round thingie is a skull). That was the cap of the German Nazi SS (Waffen-SS) which I would not be proud of wearing! WTF!

Hey Max

Are you sure it's an exact replica or is it just an old 'army style' hat? The photo doesn't show the insignia clearly.

On the other hand, loads of shops in China copy designs and stuff off the net without knowing exactly what it is. I doubt Wu Hao wore it knowing specifically the Nazi connection.

Then again, one of the metal band's singers here has tattoos copied from Ed Norton's character in American History X.

From the comments under that photo you just linked, it looks like he's getting some heat for the hat. I too doubt that he's aware of the Nazi connection ... or if he is, isn't aware of the negative connotations of that connection. Ask a few random Chinese people what they think of the Nazis and Hitler, and you might be surprised how many answer "cool" or "厉害!"

Hi Andy, I also first thought it's not the same, cause the guy is often seen with skull-related hats on stage. But this one is a one-to-one replica. On the larger douban pic, you can see the skull more clearly and that one is the same you can find online when searching for "SS Skull" or "Waffen-SS Totenkopf"...

Hi Brad, yes, that fancying of Hitler and the Third Reich is something nearly every German experiences in China. A couple of times on mentioning me being a German, I get as a response "Heil Hitler" and an imitation of that greeting sign (raising the hand)... Well, it takes some time to explain those guys what terrible things happened, but I guess they receive the same kind of education about Second World War in Europe as European children learn about the massacers of Nanjing (not even mentioned once!) or that Japan was an aggressor in China.

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