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UPDATE: here's the edited version showing only the song we want and with much better quality.

Here's a video someone took of the first two FAF tracks at the Yuyintang show last night. However, they have the long intro and the mic on the camera obviously can't handle the sound during the first song. So follow my instructions please.

The great moment of the video (and of the night) comes at 8 minutes. It's their famous track Parasite. Youku loads up fast and if you hover the mouse over the bar it will show you the time. Try it now, it works even when not playing. Just find 8 mins in and click.

After you've watched it, remember these are a young first time band who have not been on the circuit here a year. They can rock a show.

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reminds me of the royal court days when we were young down in the basement bar for newky brown for a quid then up top for a great show ,
well at least goood bands can still find there way globaly even if its on a blog or whatever still now ive seen them and im all the way over in blighty

now that ur getting old and so on can u remember clash of the titans at birmingham nec who was it again suicidal tendences ,testement ,megadath and slayer thoses were the days !!

Still haven't got to see these guys yet, great video though. Been such a long time since I've been to a show, perhaps I should head down for the next one.

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