My Ren Hang 任航 prints

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There's a certain amount of crossover between the indie music scene in China and more adventurous young artists too. They are in the same boat, environment-wise. Ahem.

It's a natural relationship with lots of high profile examples. Popil doing the PK14 and Hard Queen shirts. Bigger Bang's Pupi is a renowned artist. Kaine Lv's mural at Yuyintang and her work on their flyers, now at Splitworks. You could go on and on, there's so much good stuff. I'm not going to track down and link all this stuff so I'll throw a link this way.

One of my favorites is Beijing based photographer Ren Hang, who does stark urban China images that often feature sterile apartments, naked bodies in odd positions ... I'm not an art critic obviously but he's very good at externalizing the urban experience here and has a streak of surrealism and rebellion in him. I dunno, if you are used to living in Chinese cities and hanging out then I think you see his work and it strikes a chord. So, anyway: I got in touch and bought a couple of prints and here they are (they still have packaging on them):

ren in my room

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Nice! Thanks for sharing this. Really cool stuff. I'd love to learn more about this crossover, meet some of the people involved and do more writing on it, but am just so damn busy.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks Pete.

Yeah, so many talented and cool people on the scene doing independent work.

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