Douban annoyances

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Readers of the site by now must be familiar with

It's a Chinese social networking site that is centered on the arts. Instead of games and annoyances, it uses an amazon and IMDB style search to allow everyone to list, review and share their favorite culture.

It also has an amazing system of "minisites" where you create band pages. When you log in and look at your main feed you can filter out everything but minisites, leaving you with a newsfeed of all your bookmarked bands. This includes events, blogs and music/photo/video uploads. It is so good, that the entire China underground rock scene uses it almost exclusively.

And then suddenly last week, without warning or explanation, the minisite feed was taken out.  Strangely, the filters for the main feed were too. I mailed the helpdesk and got no answer. It sucks.

I did eventually find an answer though. On exactly that day the same thing happened to a bunch of sites here in differing degrees.

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Yeah, really irritating. I wasn't joking about cycling through 100 pages for those links on my blog - I literally went through over 100 looking for stuff I knew had come out the last few weeks. Nightmare...

Yeah, this isn't good. For anyone. But at least we can fill that gaping hole with, er, a new form of entertainment. For now.

is this why the yuyintang site was screwy to get into for awhile? or was that just me.

Argh this is balls. I'm just getting my head around Douban (yeah, i'm slow) and then they screw with it.

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