Slow Summer, B-side Lovers

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b side lovers
As regular readers may have noticed, it's the slow time of year. Also, I've been a bit busy with my own stuff.

Here's something to keep you going though.

Beijing band Hedgehog changed their bassist not so long back. Bo Xuan was a founding member and driving force in the band and the appearance of a new band, B-side Lovers, featuring the other two Hedgehog members sparked stories that it was all over.

It wasn't. Hedgehog found a new bassist with a Douban ad that clearly stated their intentions to work on a fourth album and tour again. They have since played Yuyintang here in Shanghai with the new line up.

Meanwhile, Atom and Zo's side project continued. They have played shows and now they have four complete tracks up at their page.

So go there now and have a listen

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Hi Andy, when's the next podcast coming? so many good topics you have past out so far ...

Hi Max

Podcasts are unlikely as long as Jake is still working in sweat shop conditions I'm afraid.

Too bad, had been really looking forward to some new hits from you two

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