Boojii, Ren Hang and DFG @ Yuyintang

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boojii at yuyintang
UPDATE: here is a full independent review from Layabozi 

Full disclosure/warning: me and Jake organised this event so this is not an independent review, just how I feel it went.

The event was to promote more avant-garde art forms and included two bands and a Beijing based photographer.

There was a good turn out, especially considering it was a niche event, and a good crowd of people who were really into the acts. Great atmosphere and we were pleased as punch. Duck Fight Goose opened and killed. They sounded great and the set was amazing. They defy description ... errr .. on the page it says death-ray rock so there you go. After the set people approached me to ask who the band was and if they could get a CD.

After a brief announcement by Jake Newby it was time to show the pictures. Ren Hang is one of Beijing's cutting edge young artists and we were all excited to put on the slide show and see how it was received, no one more than Ren Hang himself who was right in there for the show. Everyone packed into the main hall to watch it and the atmosphere was amazing with photos often getting cheers, whoops and applause! There was about 15 minutes of photos to a looped atmospheric track. People loved the explicit shots but what we saw, when Ren Hang's work was displayed on the screen in succession, was the subtle beauty of the shots. Really. I couldn't have been more happy about how it went down. It was like rock art or whatever.

The night was closed off by an excellent Boojii set. They played most of their CD Reserved, which is excellent and the sound was great too. San San wore her collar of legs and everyone enjoyed the music. Mission accomplished.

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Great job on this. Looking forward to the next one.


You can see that collar here.

Congrats, Andy (and Jake). It was a great show.

Cheers guys, it was a good night

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