Candy Shop work with Shanda, play Chinajoy

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candyshop shandaNote: regular readers will be familiar with my personal stance and words on advertising in music and all that. There are whole other discussions about movies and games too. This is just some news. I'm not connected with Shanda or any agency regarding stuff in this post.

While most of us have been kicking back this summer others have been going into overdrive.

Shanghai band Candy Shop are self-described mixture-pop. That is, they are an independent band that play and write their own stuff and can rock live, but the style is definitely a kind of more mainstream pop. They came up through the original 0093 showcases and now have a page full of quality recordings and fans at Douban. A search of my blog brings up a bunch of posts going back two years.

This summer, Candy Shop have been working with China's largest online games company Shanda writing and recording eight tracks for them. This culminated with them playing the Shanda stage at Chinajoy, see photo, along with a hundred of the showgirls. Think about this and listen to the new track at the page (单恋杀) and consider that they basically just did it all by themselves starting as a bunch of friends at 0093. 

The tracks are already out and feature in these Shanda games

泡泡战士  龙之谷  星辰变  拳皇  魔界2  传世英雄传  英雄传奇  mochi

Here's one of the vids/songs: 龙之谷 trailer
And here's a SINA review of the China Joy show

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