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Duck Fight Goose are one of the Shanghai scene's best bands who have recently won new fans and attention with their excellent performances with Ren Hang/Boojii and with Handsome Furs.

They play largely instrumental death-ray rock. In this review they are described as being like math-rock with less focus on showcasing technical mastery and more on the texture of the music. 

They are also already all over mine and Jake's blogs if you read around. 

So, looking at their Douban page, they have just posted up a new recording. The regular set is, as yet, not recorded but I hear it's all underway. The new track Angel Sphere is an electronic based track that departs from their familiar material but retains the feeling and spirit. Rehearsal tapes of Theme and Ghost is Online are still up on the page ... as is the Guai Li show at Yuyintang next month, so I assume you can catch them there.

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