Pairs, Duck Fight Goose and Handsome Furs @ YYT

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Image of DFG at Beijing's D22

Friday night was the big Splitworks' gig at Yuyintang featuring the following bands:

You can read Jake's regular review here.

There's not really a lot more to say apart from some thoughts I was having. The show was both amazing and yet disappointing at the same time. Hear me out.

It was a great turnout, a wonderful atmosphere and show and we were watching three top bands. Pairs and Duck Fight Goose are the breakout bands of the Shanghai scene this year, for differing reasons, and Handsome Furs are a quality international act. All three were excellent and the show was a resounding stamp of quality for the scene. I felt so proud. 

On the other hand, a combination of prohibitive pricing and clique behavior in the scene meant that a ton of people who should have been there weren't. So a huge section of the local scene, bands and fans alike, will be unaware and dismissive of this major event. The various collectives and groups within the scene could have taken so much away from the show ... but it's like the tree falling in the forest thing, innit?

If no one saw it happen, it's like it never existed. Or heard it. Err. Wait a minute ...

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Agreed dude.

It's a real shame that we cannot make these shows 40RMB, but the costs make it prohibitive. We are trying to remedy this by giving away 20 tickets for each show we do to local artists that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford the gig (we just started with this). We will be doing this on a one to one arbitrary basis - no competitions or the like.

My only other gripe is that we STILL have to give up nearly 1/3 of the ticket revenue to the venue, and they keep the entire bar. For these kind of shows, where the bar (which ONLY HAD 2 PEOPLE serving) does great business, a reduction in what the venue needs to take would enable us to reduce the door price subsequently. We are doing 15 shows around Asia with the band, it has taken us 3 months to organize the tour, and we won't make a dime (we give our time for free) and the band will make nothing (other than their costs). It's a fucking brutal biz, no doubt...

I agree with the bar point. Last night was a drinking crowd for sure but the bar is still run a bit fly-by-night.

I also understand that price has to go up at least a bit if the band comes from abroad, simple maths.

Great night though.

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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